A DOT Corporation v Bay, Douglass, de Bakker, Wallace Case No. 2:10-CV-549-RSM.


20100329 A DOT CFAA v Anthony Bay, David Douglass, Derek de Bakker, Jan Juanita Jardine Wallace Computer Fraud and Abuse

This case concerns several individuals who wrongfully accessed computers belonging to A Dot, a Seattle business engaged in developing highly sensitive and confidential technology applications used in interstate commerce, including high-level cryptography for the music and entertainment industries. The defendants were motivated variously by personal greed, ego, an attorney’s desire to gain an unfair negotiating advantage for his client in a corporate takeover attempt, fraud participants’ attempts to leverage their racketeering scheme against another corporation, and racketeers’ desire to conceal details of a previous fraud scheme against a public company. With their various motivations but common tactic, the defendants at various times broke into A Dot’s computers or ordered such trespasses, stole its data, interfered with A Dot’s access to its own computers and data, and used the stolen data to cause substantial harm to A Dot and others. These violations of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act also violate Washington’s laws against trespass to chattels and conversion.

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