Con-woman Kyleen Cane "Anonymously" Attempts to Retaliate Against Individual Exposing her Frauds.

Fraudster Kyleen Cane uses her attorney prowess to intimidate and pressure entities to remove websites such as these. She has taken and spent great lengths to have this content removed from Scribd, WordPress, going so far as to author her own retaliation content.

Spinning a narrative in which her and her decade long cronies have perfected. Each company having any involvement with Con-woman Kyleen Cane and Jan Wallace have publicly sued them, complained to the Bar Association, and accused them front and center. Now, including the Department of Justice, with wiretaps.

These frauds have no spine and only operate in the filth. Attached is an example of Kyleen Cane’s efforts to retaliate, leaving behind her username and Microsoft Word Document fingerprints (and much more) on the file she “anonymously” uploaded to Scribd, which was taken down as soon as it was reported.

Kyleen Cane’s Authorship of Retaliatory Document Anonymously Posted Against a Whistleblower.