Kyleen Cane Products

I’ve never found more entertaining and awesome memorable office supplies than from the Kyleen E. Cane and Jan Wallace Swag Store.

Office Supply Lover

Wow. Pick up your very own crotch-cane leggings. Super unique!

Kyleen E. Cane Leggings!

Kyleen E. Cane Hard Ball – Baseball!

Additional Product Gems

Stylish T-shirt for when you are pumping stock!

Royalty Free Attribution Only Graphics of Fraud Kyleen E. Cane, Jan Wallace and Amin Lakha. Yay!

Fraud former attorney Kyleen E. Cane and her cohorts attempt to block the celebration of their long running scheme to pump-and-dump by threatening hosting providers, printing services, and basically anything which promotes the awareness of their con, we, at Asher Madison, have created royalty free copyright open graphics of Kyleen / Michael Cane, Jan Wallace and Amin Andy Lakha for all to enjoy. All that is needed is the following attribution.

Copyright Asher Madison (, NOT fraud Kyleen/Michael Cane, NOT Jan Wallace, and NOT Amin Andy Lakha.