Emails of Pump & Dumps

Added to the online collection of Kyleen Cane treasure trove of fraud are new Outlook PST emails and a comprehensive litigation and deposition document dump. These documents show the speed and expertise between Cane and her co-conspirators as they defraud the insiders and shareholders of Secured Diversified Investments and Davi Skin. As we speak, an Outlook exporter is converted the ancient file format into PDFs for easy access. For a preview of Jan Wallace and Kyleen Cane’s communication checkout the PST after the jump.

Bonus – Amin Lahka shops for prostitutes!

Actually a better preview of the Outlook PST are the index files. The 2006-05-04 and 2009-09-28 are just a sample. To download both the index and the text of the body of the email, navigate to here.

Update: The exported text for 2006-05-04 and 2009-09-28 are complete.