Amin Andy Lahka Receives Off-shore Unregistered 200,000 Shares in Hepburn Holdings. Preparation for the Pump-and-Dump Davi Scheme.



Amin Andy Lahka receives 200,000 unregistered shares in Hepburn Holdings – 20070514 Davi Skin Promissory Note Jan Wallace Amin Lahka Hepburn Holding Cayman Holding Company. A month earlier, on March 3rd, 2007, Jan Wallace planted the shares with Kyleen Cane in LOM Securities – 20070403 20070713 Davi Skin Shareholder List (BERMUDA (pg 1,2,20,39,40)) Placement Date and 20060315 Wallace E-mail Paying LOM Securities Sunshine, Arch.  Cane and Wallace convert a promissory note from MW Medical (which they lied about in Medley v Wallace pleadings and depositions – 20061220 Medley v Wallace Davi Skin Jan Wallace Deposition 20060421 Medley v Wallace Complaint Davi Skin Davi Skin Stock Securities Trades and Hidden Cayman Corporation 20070331 10KSB Davi Skin Jan Wallace Kyleen Cane Promissory Note for Hepburn Holding Amin Lahka 20060411 Cane, Wallace Davi Skin Promissory Note Fax 20060421 Medley v Wallace Declaration Davi Skin) – 20060411 Cane, Wallace Davi Skin Promissory Note Fax.

And of course, lied about it in SEC filings – 20070331 10KSB Davi Skin Jan Wallace Kyleen Cane Promissory Note for Hepburn Holding Amin Lahka.