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Fraud former attorney Kyleen E. Cane and her cohorts attempt to block the celebration of their long running scheme to pump-and-dump by threatening hosting providers, printing services, and basically anything which promotes the awareness of their con, we, at Asher Madison, have created royalty free copyright open graphics of Kyleen / Michael Cane, Jan Wallace and Amin Andy Lakha for all to enjoy. Al that is needed is the following attribution.

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Cane’s Futile Last-Ditch Efforts Before Trial


With most of Kyleen Cane’s motions to sever her trial and dismiss counts against her denied, it seems she’s running out of options.

Involved in a scheme to manipulate trading in four microcap stocks between October 2012 and July 2014, trading patterns resembling illegal pump and dump strategies, Kyleen Cane and her associates’ backs are against the wall with time running out as the trial date nears.

Cane has submitted several last-ditch efforts to help in her case, including objecting to details of prior business dealings between Discala and Cane (citing an attorney-client relationship), arguing that the manipulation patterns of stock from other companies is irrelevant, denying that her direction of trading Cubed (one of the microcap companies) stock was legal, arguing for the admittion of additional intercepted calls and texts to paint the narrative her way, and wanting certain witness testimonies excluded, arguing they are mini-trials against her.


Despite her desperate tactics, the mountain of evidence weighs heavily against her, from her incriminating text messages and calls to her use of escrow accounts to misrepresent stock to her history of manipulating the stock price and volume of other companies not part of this case.

Cane’s best hope now is jury selection, of which she hopes her proposed questionnaire will help her get a favorable jury. Of note is the request for the addition of a question asking if the potential juror has had any prior negative experiences with an attorney (such as Cane) that would affect their ability to hear the case.

Even Cane knows dealing with attorneys like herself would leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Cane and her co-defendants go to trial on April 2nd, 2018.

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Cane Seeks to Sever Her Trial From Co-Defendants

Cane’s lawyers filed a pretrial motion on September 15th to, among other things, have her trial severed from her co-defendants, arguing that defendants DiScala and Josephberg are allegedly involved in four pump and dump schemes while Cane is only involved with one.

Referencing a Supreme Court case, Zafiro v. United States, Cane’s attorneys cited Rule 14 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure to justify severing her trial:

If the joinder of offenses or defendants in an indictment…appears to prejudice a defendant or the government, the court may order separate trials of counts, sever the defendants’ trials, or provide any other relief that justice requires.

Cane’s camp further contends that most evidence used against DiScala and Josephberg would be irrelevant at her own individual trial, not to mention that DiScala and Cane will “blame the other for at least part of the allegations contained in the indictment…each will effectively act as a second prosecutor at a joint trial.”

In addition to calling for the sever to undermine the arguments against her, she has also asked for the dismissal of the counts against her, stating they are duplicitous. These counts include 1) Conspiracy to Defraud the United States; 2) Attempt and Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud; and 4) Manipulative and Deceptive Devices. The counts are felony-level offenses.

Cane is currently in Nevada and required to give 24 hours’ notice before leaving the state. She is due to appear in court on 12/8/2017.

TERI BUHL's Blog Update. Feds Finally Arrest DiScala’s Microcap Attorney Ofsink

Attorney Ofsink, another co-conspirator in the pump-and-dump scheme with attorney Kyleen E. Cane.
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