LOM Securities where Fraudsters Kyleen E. Cane, Juanita Jardine, Amin Lahka, and Chloe Jardine-Cutler Secretly Control Off-shore Entities with U.S. Securities to Pump-and-Dump.


20080101 LOM Securities Annual Report 2008 – holds off-shore securities and monies for individuals seeking to conceal earnings from the IRS.  Kyleen E. Cane, Juanita Jardine, Amin Lahka, and Chloe Jardine-Cutler all have nominee accounts located at LOM Securities under various nominee corporation accounts: Hepburn Holding, Arch Ltd, Chloe Group of Companies, and Sunshine Ltd – 20070403 20070713 Davi Skin Shareholder List (BERMUDA (pg 1,2,20,39,40)) Placement Date.  Meanwhile the Lines Brothers of Lines Overseas Management are under civil prosecution for pumping and dumping – 20080922 SEC LOM Securities Litigation Press Release. Unsurprisingly, Kyleen Cane’s law firm controls one of the LOM Securities fraudulent entities Sedona Software – 20060431 Cane Clark Control of Sedona Software SEC Report. The entire lawsuit against the Lines brothers is a similar story to Kyleen Cane, Jaunita Jardine, Amin Lahka, Chloe Cutler, and others – 20071219 SEC v Lom Securities Securities Fraud Complaint Kyleen Cane Cane Clark Sedona.