Ms. Kyleen Cane Permitted to Travel to Scotland Between August 14-24th, 2015.

"I'm going to drink scotch and play bag pipes! Whoooohooo!!"
“I’m going to drink scotch and play bag pipes! Whoooohooo!!”

In a stunning decision by Honorable Vitaliano, he granted Ms. Cane’s request to travel to Scotland to help her son unpack. Ms. Cane is allowed to renew her passport and the Court temporary increased her bond’s value to $2,000,000. (20150702 Order Modifying Conditions of Release Cane)

The government made many good arguments regarding Ms. Cane’s financial means, with exception of her off-shore assets. Ms. Cane’s own financial reporting reveals that she is worth $20 million including $6 million in outright property and $12 million in other property including her business.

The defendant stated that she owned the following properties, and provided the following estimated values: (1) her primary residence in Las Vegas, NV, with an estimated value of $3 million and a $750,000 mortgage; (2) a residential rental property in Hidden Hills, CA, with an estimated value of $1.5 million which generates $10,000 month in income; (3) a residential rental property on Quail Hollow Drive in Las Vegas, NV, with an estimated value of $800,000 which generates $3,700 month in income; and (4) a residential rental property on Viking Road in Las Vegas, NV, with an estimated value of $250,000 which generates $1,600 month in income. The Viking Road property is currently the only property securing her bond.

In July 2014, the defendant stated she held approximately $1 million in liquid assets, including stocks ($250,000), a bank account ($120,000) and a TD Ameritrade account ($600,000). The defendant also said she owned three vehicles, including a Tesla, a Mercedes, and a Lexus, worth approximately $150,000 in total.

In addition, through various corporate entities, including GSTB LLC, 200 Western LLC, Western LLC and DKM LLC, the defendant reported owning, with others, six residential rental properties plus a couple commercial properties with a total estimated value of approximately $5.5 million, which generates approximately $25,000 a month in income. The defendant did not provide the addresses of the properties owned through these corporate entities, and it is unknown what percentage of these investments belong to the defendant.

Finally, the defendant reported owning “business assets,” including office furniture and equipment, worth approximately $6.5 million. 

The defendant reported earning approximately $25,000 per month income as a lawyer.

The defendant’s main reported liabilities, as of July 2014, included the $750,000 mortgage on her primary residence, and the monthly business expenses for operating her law firm.

Why hasn’t the government seized all this property? $20 million against Ms. Cane’s participation in a $300 million securities fraud scheme? Not even enough to cover the interest. (20150624 Government Response to Cane’s Request to Travel)

Ms. Cane’s attorneys calls the government out flatly that they have no facts to indicate that Ms. Cane is a flight risk.  The government never raises Ms. Cane’s connection to Jan Wallace or Chloe Jardine-Cutler. The government never raises Ms. Cane’s and Mr. Cane’s previous off-shore stock schemes with LOM Securities. The government needs to indict Jan Wallace, Chloe Cutler, Mujit Johal, Amin Lakha, Claire Ambrosia, for conspiracy to commit securities fraud and let Johal and Ambrosia spill their beans to cut a deal. It is through this action the government could harvest enough facts to make a clear case that Ms. Cane is a flight risk. Instead, Ms. Cane is going to travel to Scotland, and whether it is this trip or the next, Ms. Cane is going to flee. It’s only a matter of time. (20150626 Cane’s Response to Government’s Reply 20150626 (corrected copy))

Cane’s Reply to Travel to Scotland And The Stupid Arguments Made By Her Attorney

Cane’s reply to travel to Scotland is here: 20150601 Cane’s Reply Re Mtn to Travel (123110801776).  The idea that Cane “poses no flight risk” is flatly laughable. She is 60 years-old and facing 20-30 years in prison. Moreover, she has spent the majority of her career working with Juanita Jardine “Jan Wallace” and Chloe Rita Jardine-Cutler to hide money at LOM Securities in nominee bank accounts. She has plenty of money to leave any U.S. assets behind without blinking an eye.  Moreover, ask yourself this simple question: “would you give up $5 million for a chance to live 5 years if you were faced with 30 years?”

Cane’s attorney argues that because he has “personally represented” other clients who haven’t fled the country, then the Court should trust THIS client, Ms. Cane.  “Indeed, I can represent to the Court that I have personally represented at least ten defendants in this District accused of committing “financial crimes” – often very serious ones – and none of those defendants have ever fled prosecution despite the very serious allegations lodged against them. Therefore, to the extent history is any guide, it favors the defendant here.”

This is stupidest argument I’ve ever heard for modification of bond; I wonder how much Cane paid for this. He further writes, “The government has cited no facts to suggest that Ms. Cane will act any differently than the thousands of other defendants accused of financial crimes in this district and others who have not fled prosecution.”  This blog contains many facts which suggest that Ms. Cane will flee.

Ms. Cane’s attorney writes, “An opportunity to flee indeed exists. But the government offers no evidence that Ms. Cane is likely to flee this prosecution. Indeed, if she wanted to abscond, Ms. Cane does not need to travel to Scotland to do so. She could simply drive across the border into Mexico. Or she could fly her plane across the border. She has not done so, and that should give the Court confidence that she will not attempt to flee from Scotland if she is permitted to go there for a few days.” When Ms. Cane does abscond, it will be a sophisticated disappearance involving smoke and mirrors and deflection.

Kyleen Cane’s Partner Brian Clark Is Also A Fraud

CYTTA CORP 8-K Nov 5, 2014

Odd behavior for Brian Clark, from the link:

Email Correspondence from Tad Mailander dated November 9th, 2104 Re Mr. Brian Clark

Mr. Mailander stated in his correspondence “I received the attached letter from Mr. Bryan Clark, Esq. Can you please confirm to me whether or not this lawyer represents Cytta? Your prompt response is appreciated.”  Mr. Mailander also advised that, he had received an earlier phone message from Mr. Clark wherein he identified himself as the attorney for EraStar, Inc. and Ms. Vanessa Luna. 

Upon reviewing the correspondence from Mr. Clark dated November 3rd, 2104 stating, “I write to advise you that we have been retained by Cytta Corp. and to request that you transfer the file to this firm as soon as possible. The file should include all electronically stored materials, including but not limited to correspondence, word processing and spreadsheet files, and all drafts thereof, complete with any metadata.” Cytta advised by Mr. Mailander by letter dated November 9th, 2014 that,

“Mr. Bryan Clark has never represented Cytta Corp. in any capacity.  The statements in his letter to you of November 3rd, 2014 are false.  You are specifically instructed by Cytta not to provide him with the documents and any other materials or matters requested.

Mr. Clark is known to me [Gary Campbell] as the partner of Ms. .Kyleen Cane in the firm of Cane Clark, until her arrest by the FBI on July 17th, 2014.  When Ms. Cane was arrested and charged for her involvement and her firms trust accounts use in a “$50 million dollar stock scam” involving mergers and Public Company disclosure, the EraStar principals suggested Mr. Clark continue as their lawyer.  Cytta rejected that suggestion and you (Tad Mailander) were retained by EraStar, Inc.   Please see news report regarding Kyleen Cane’s arrest and charges attached. We note Mr. Clark has now changed the name of his firm from “Cane Clark,” to simply “Clark” given Ms. Cane’s incarceration.  

Ms. Cane and Mr. Clark were providing legal services to EraStar, Inc. and were jointly the original lawyers chosen by the EraStar principals (Jens, Vanessa, Steffan and Jamison) to represent EraStar and act for them in the merger process. In fact, they prepared a draft merger Agreement which EraStar provided to me and, based upon the representations of the EraStar principals were providing ongoing legal advice to EraStar regarding their corporate actions and filings.

We are very disturbed by Mr. Clark’s letter.  His attempt to pass himself off as Cytta’s lawyer and collect the materials evidencing EraStar’s activities in your and Cytta’s possession is certainly misrepresentation and given his objective perhaps illegal.  

Erik Stephansen and I also received a letter from Mr. Clark describing himself as the Cytta attorney, describing the EraStar principals as the Directors of Cytta, and purporting to call a Director’s Meeting on November 13th, 2014.  He was once again seeking to obtain the very damaging EraStar materials in Cytta’s possession.”

Cytta also advises that pursuant to NRS 78.330 “each director holds office after the expiration of his or her term until a successor is elected and qualified, or until the director resigns or is removed.” The Bylaws of Cytta further provide inter alia that Directors may resign only by “giving written notice to the Board” of his resignation.  Cytta Corp., its Directors and Officers, Gary Campbell, Erik Stephansen, and John Dinovo have never signed or executed written resignations as Directors of Cytta, nor have we taken any steps to change the Officers.  Mr. Mailander confirms he has never received any documentation from Cytta Corp evidencing any changes to the Board or its Officers.

Cytta Corp. and its legal counsel is currently determining what the appropriate legal and/or regulatory disclosure and otherwise action to take, regarding Mr. Clark and possibly Ms. Cane’s actions and involvement in this matter specifically and all other actions of the Defendants.


Summary of Westminster’s Judgment Against Dynamic Associates and Legal Access Technology.


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