Network Visualization of Michael Cane / Kyleen Cane, Jan Wallace, and Others Fraud Companies.


Note how each of the Kyleen E. Cane and Jan Wallace companies use Mujit Johal as their CFO, and how Devi Johal manages the off-shore LOM Securities entities where they deposit their unregistered securities.

Fraudsters Jan Wallace, Amin Andy Lahka, and Kyleen E. Cane Pump-and-Dump Davi Skin and Launder $5m – SEC Filings.


Davi Skin Stock Securities Trades and Hidden Cayman Corporation 20070331 10KSB Davi Skin Jan Wallace Kyleen Cane Promissory Note for Hepburn Holding Amin Lahka 20060315 Wallace E-mail Paying LOM Securities Sunshine, Arch 20070514 Davi Skin Promissory Note Jan Wallace Amin Lahka Hepburn Holding Cayman Holding Company