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Royalty Free Attribution Only Graphics of Fraud Kyleen E. Cane, Jan Wallace and Amin Lakha. Yay!

Fraud former attorney Kyleen E. Cane and her cohorts attempt to block the celebration of their long running scheme to pump-and-dump by threatening hosting providers, printing services, and basically anything which promotes the awareness of their con, we, at Asher Madison, have created royalty free copyright open graphics of Kyleen / Michael Cane, Jan Wallace and Amin Andy Lakha for all to enjoy. All that is needed is the following attribution.

Copyright Asher Madison (asher@ashermadison.com, www.ashermadison.com) NOT fraud Kyleen/Michael Cane, NOT Jan Wallace, and NOT Amin Andy Lakha.


AJ DiScala Co-Conspirator admits they did illegal trades in Microcap Fraud Ring –


Included here…

UPDATE 8.8.16– Court records show Goodrich was ordered to pay only $3,938 in forfeiture fines for his role in the manipulation of a stock called Cubed. He is still waiting to be sentenced.

Original Text

A So-Cal stock broker admitted to aiding in the pump and dump of penny stock Cubed with accused microcap fraudster AJ DiScala last week. Darren C. Goodrich, 37-year-old head trader at BMA Securities, plead guilty in Brooklyn federal court on June 27th to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud for his role in artificially controlling the price and volume of Cubed shares through fraudulent concealment of AJ’s crew’s ownership interest in the stock and engineering price movements through wash and match trades. The charge caries a 5 year max jail term plus criminal forfeiture of assets through fines and restitution. Goodrich was arrested on multiple counts of securities and wire fraud on November 2, 2015 with the possibility of over 20 years in jail.
reported extensively since 2014 on the alleged pump and dump stock schemes the DOJ thinks AJ DiScala led with New York-based attorney Darren Ofsink and Nevada-based attorney Kyleen Cane. All three are still fighting the charges with plans to go to trial. The DOJ has now secured four guilty pleas from DiScala’s crew of co-conspirators, which included his investment banking partner at OmniView Marc Wexler, who are presumable now helping the DOJ with their case. The DOJ says Goodrich only acted illegally in the manipulation of one of four stocks in their complaint.

According to FINRA records Goodrich was a licensed investment advisor and broker for 14 years. He spent most of his career as a broker for Burt Martin Arnold who founded El Segundo-based broker-dealer BMA Securities. The broker dealer has multiple FINRA enforcement actions, fines and sanctions against them. On November 11th, 2104 the broker dealer, Goodrich, and Arnold were charged by their regulator for failure to supervise deficiencies regarding sales of unregistered securities, failure of duty to conduct a reasonable inquiry into the issuance of large blacks of stock to only a few clients who sold millions of shares just six days after being issued the free trading shares. The manipulation of Cubed occurred between March-July 2014. The FINRA charges don’t say which microcap stock these charges are for but they sound very familiar to how the DOJ described the Cubed manipulation in their complaint against Goodrich a year later. Goodrich and Arnold (who was not charged by the DOJ) were suspended by FINRA for 30 days and broker dealer had to pay a hefty fine of $325,000. Goodrich left BMA Securities a month before he was arrested.

Goodrich’s plea deal causes new headaches for attorney Kyleen Cane. She is alleged to have been the thought leader behind their shares into escrow account scheme. According to DiScala, who I first interviewed in September 2014, Cane came up with the idea that the mom and pop investors, who brokers like Goodrich would convince to buy Cubed’s stock, would have their shares deposited in an escrow account for the first six months to a year to make sure their wasn’t a rush to dump the stock of the newly reverse merged company–this included AJ’s own shares he said he agreed to have put in escrow in an effort to support the newly traded stock. The DOJ says unbeknownst to investors Cane, who controlled the shares going in and out of escrow accounts, released millions of the shares, that were suppose to be restricted, to dummy nominee accounts that AJ and his co-conspirator brokers controlled. And those shares are what aided in creating a false impression there was a buying and selling in the stock to make a market and increase the share price. Cane in her legal motions denies her leadership role in the escrow scheme. But with Goodrich now pleading in open court that Cane told him how she was doing the scheme there is new strong evidence against her. This is on top of the wire taps that DOJ has of AJ and Darren talking about Cane’s scheme.

Cane was formerly a man named Michael Cane, according to bar records. She has filed some aggressive litigation in Stamford and Las Vegas state courts against some of the investor deal finders in Cubed who were not arrested named Max Kahn and Michael Caridi. She throws out the notion that Kahn and Caridi are two of the confidential witnesses the DOJ doesn’t name in their original charges in her complaint. According to Kahn and Caridi’s attorney at Anderson Kill this claim is ‘absurd’. But whoever got the DOJ’s attention to bring to case and ask for wire taps of AJ’s cell phone is still unknown.

Goodrich is still out on bail, his father an LA-based litigator Brenton Foster Goodrich put up $250,000 for his son’s million dollar bond and his wife Mindy Goodrich put their amazing ocean view home as collateral. There is no date set for his sentencing yet as I am sure the DOJ will wait till the DiScala case is concluded. Goodrich, who grew up in the Palos Verde section of L.A.’s southbay, was forced to sale his family home for $6.15 million in May. You can see a sales video tour of the beautiful 5 bedroom, five bath modern home here. I am assuming the house was sold to help pay legal fees and upcoming restitution.
Goodrich and BMA Securities did not return a call for comment. I reached out to AJ’s attorneys about Goodrich saying ‘AJ’s guilty’ but they did not return an email for comment.

Con-woman Kyleen Cane "Anonymously" Attempts to Retaliate Against Individual Exposing her Frauds.

Fraudster Kyleen Cane uses her attorney prowess to intimidate and pressure entities to remove websites such as these. She has taken and spent great lengths to have this content removed from Scribd, WordPress, going so far as to author her own retaliation content.

Spinning a narrative in which her and her decade long cronies have perfected. Each company having any involvement with Con-woman Kyleen Cane and Jan Wallace have publicly sued them, complained to the Bar Association, and accused them front and center. Now, including the Department of Justice, with wiretaps.

These frauds have no spine and only operate in the filth. Attached is an example of Kyleen Cane’s efforts to retaliate, leaving behind her username and Microsoft Word Document fingerprints (and much more) on the file she “anonymously” uploaded to Scribd, which was taken down as soon as it was reported.

Kyleen Cane’s Authorship of Retaliatory Document Anonymously Posted Against a Whistleblower.


Superseding Indictment Against Kyleen E. Cane and Her Co-conspirators.


20140715 US v Cane et al Case No 14-00399


Whistleblower Report Against Kyleen Cane, Jan Wallace, Amin Lahka, and Robert Saucier Evading Taxes Through Pump-and-Dump Money Laundering Schemes.


IRS Form to report Con-woman Jan Wallace and Kyleen Cane and their clients, Amin Lahka and Robert Saucier for tax evasion.



LOM Securities where Fraudsters Kyleen E. Cane, Juanita Jardine, Amin Lahka, and Chloe Jardine-Cutler Secretly Control Off-shore Entities with U.S. Securities to Pump-and-Dump.


20080101 LOM Securities Annual Report 2008 – holds off-shore securities and monies for individuals seeking to conceal earnings from the IRS.  Kyleen E. Cane, Juanita Jardine, Amin Lahka, and Chloe Jardine-Cutler all have nominee accounts located at LOM Securities under various nominee corporation accounts: Hepburn Holding, Arch Ltd, Chloe Group of Companies, and Sunshine Ltd – 20070403 20070713 Davi Skin Shareholder List (BERMUDA (pg 1,2,20,39,40)) Placement Date.  Meanwhile the Lines Brothers of Lines Overseas Management are under civil prosecution for pumping and dumping – 20080922 SEC LOM Securities Litigation Press Release. Unsurprisingly, Kyleen Cane’s law firm controls one of the LOM Securities fraudulent entities Sedona Software – 20060431 Cane Clark Control of Sedona Software SEC Report. The entire lawsuit against the Lines brothers is a similar story to Kyleen Cane, Jaunita Jardine, Amin Lahka, Chloe Cutler, and others – 20071219 SEC v Lom Securities Securities Fraud Complaint Kyleen Cane Cane Clark Sedona.


Thomas & Wong v Con-woman Jan Wallace (aided by Fraud Kyleen E. Cane) Trial Breach of Fiduciary Duty Full Transcript. Con-women Used the Fake Gold Gambit.


20080204 20080207 Thomas & Wong Trial Transcript – Fraudster Jan Wallace on trial for stealing $1.2m with Kyleen E. Cane from Ed Tarapasky of Thomas & Wong using a fake gold core scheme and the entity MW Asia. Key parts of the transcript are highlighted – 20050712 Thomas & Wong v Blume, Wallace Trial Transcripts.




Fraudsters Jan Wallace, Amin Andy Lahka, and Kyleen E. Cane Pump-and-Dump Davi Skin and Launder $5m – SEC Filings.


Davi Skin Stock Securities Trades and Hidden Cayman Corporation 20070331 10KSB Davi Skin Jan Wallace Kyleen Cane Promissory Note for Hepburn Holding Amin Lahka 20060315 Wallace E-mail Paying LOM Securities Sunshine, Arch 20070514 Davi Skin Promissory Note Jan Wallace Amin Lahka Hepburn Holding Cayman Holding Company



Kyleen E. Cane's Company and Fraud Partner – Medley v Jan Wallace Case BC351142, Superior Court of State of California, County of Los Angeles.


20061218 Medley v Wallace Davi Skin Complaint Securities Fraud Money Laundering Kyleen Cane Deposition and 20060421 Medley v Wallace Complaint Davi Skin – Defamation Per Se, Defamation Per Quod, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotion Distress – all to conceal the Davi Skin money laundering scheme.



Amin Andy Lahka Receives Off-shore Unregistered 200,000 Shares in Hepburn Holdings. Preparation for the Pump-and-Dump Davi Scheme.



Amin Andy Lahka receives 200,000 unregistered shares in Hepburn Holdings – 20070514 Davi Skin Promissory Note Jan Wallace Amin Lahka Hepburn Holding Cayman Holding Company. A month earlier, on March 3rd, 2007, Jan Wallace planted the shares with Kyleen Cane in LOM Securities – 20070403 20070713 Davi Skin Shareholder List (BERMUDA (pg 1,2,20,39,40)) Placement Date and 20060315 Wallace E-mail Paying LOM Securities Sunshine, Arch.  Cane and Wallace convert a promissory note from MW Medical (which they lied about in Medley v Wallace pleadings and depositions – 20061220 Medley v Wallace Davi Skin Jan Wallace Deposition 20060421 Medley v Wallace Complaint Davi Skin Davi Skin Stock Securities Trades and Hidden Cayman Corporation 20070331 10KSB Davi Skin Jan Wallace Kyleen Cane Promissory Note for Hepburn Holding Amin Lahka 20060411 Cane, Wallace Davi Skin Promissory Note Fax 20060421 Medley v Wallace Declaration Davi Skin) – 20060411 Cane, Wallace Davi Skin Promissory Note Fax.

And of course, lied about it in SEC filings – 20070331 10KSB Davi Skin Jan Wallace Kyleen Cane Promissory Note for Hepburn Holding Amin Lahka.






Summary of Westminster’s Judgment Against Dynamic Associates and Legal Access Technology.


Summary Dynamic Associates Legal Access Technologies Tele-Lawyer Westminster Judgment Kyleen Cane Jan Wallace Complaint – Summary of the Westminster Judgement with the various complaints.



Summary of Dynamic Associates – Legal Access Technologies – TeleLawyer Westminster Judgment.


Summary Dynamic Associates Legal Access Technologies Tele-Lawyer Westminster Judgment Kyleen Cane Jan Wallace – Summary of fraud scheme in Cane’s Tele-Lawyer corporation and escape from fraud Westminster judgment.  Where Fraudster Kyleen E. Cane starts her shell stock corporation empire prior to her reverse merger pump-and-dump schemes.





Burwell v MW Medical, Racist Jan Wallace Case No 2000-7658.


Burwell v, MW Medical, Jan Wallace, Case No. 2000-7658 Arizona Superior Court, Maricopa County – 20000525 Burwell v Wallace Amended Complaint – be sure the check out the False Police Reports filed by con-woman Jan Wallace against Burwell where she spews religious slurs.


American Bank & Trust v Jan Wallace Bank Fraud Case No. 82-5044.


19830808 American Bank & Trust v Wallace Bank Fraud Brief  –  Plaintiff appealed from a judgment of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, 529 F.Supp. 258,  Scott Reed, J., which dismissed its action for fraud and deceit in connection with the giving of a promissory note. The Court of Appeals, Cornelia G. Kennedy, Circuit Judge, held that short-term 30-day promissory note given in connection with a commercial loan transaction, which evidenced a loan and not an investment, was not a “security” within meaning of federal securities laws; thus, district court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction where action was based solely on federal securities laws.

Emails of Pump & Dumps

Added to the online collection of Kyleen Cane treasure trove of fraud are new Outlook PST emails and a comprehensive litigation and deposition document dump. These documents show the speed and expertise between Cane and her co-conspirators as they defraud the insiders and shareholders of Secured Diversified Investments and Davi Skin. As we speak, an Outlook exporter is converted the ancient file format into PDFs for easy access. For a preview of Jan Wallace and Kyleen Cane’s communication checkout the PST after the jump.

Bonus – Amin Lahka shops for prostitutes!

Actually a better preview of the Outlook PST are the index files. The 2006-05-04 and 2009-09-28 are just a sample. To download both the index and the text of the body of the email, navigate to here.

Update: The exported text for 2006-05-04 and 2009-09-28 are complete.

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Cane’s Futile Last-Ditch Efforts Before Trial


With most of Kyleen Cane’s motions to sever her trial and dismiss counts against her denied, it seems she’s running out of options.

Involved in a scheme to manipulate trading in four microcap stocks between October 2012 and July 2014, trading patterns resembling illegal pump and dump strategies, Kyleen Cane and her associates’ backs are against the wall with time running out as the trial date nears.

Cane has submitted several last-ditch efforts to help in her case, including objecting to details of prior business dealings between Discala and Cane (citing an attorney-client relationship), arguing that the manipulation patterns of stock from other companies is irrelevant, denying that her direction of trading Cubed (one of the microcap companies) stock was legal, arguing for the admittion of additional intercepted calls and texts to paint the narrative her way, and wanting certain witness testimonies excluded, arguing they are mini-trials against her.


Despite her desperate tactics, the mountain of evidence weighs heavily against her, from her incriminating text messages and calls to her use of escrow accounts to misrepresent stock to her history of manipulating the stock price and volume of other companies not part of this case.

Cane’s best hope now is jury selection, of which she hopes her proposed questionnaire will help her get a favorable jury. Of note is the request for the addition of a question asking if the potential juror has had any prior negative experiences with an attorney (such as Cane) that would affect their ability to hear the case.

Even Cane knows dealing with attorneys like herself would leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Cane and her co-defendants go to trial on April 2nd, 2018.